Scotland is facing a disability crisis as the number of people with arthritis is set to double by 2030. Arthritis is already the biggest cause of pain and disability in Scotland and this huge increase to an estimated 1.8m will impact not only on the wellbeing of individuals but on the NHS, the welfare system and the Scottish economy.

Arthritis Care Scotland is highlighting the issue in its manifesto for the Scottish Parliament elections. A Step in the Right Direction is based on a survey of more than 450 people living with arthritis in Scotland, who were asked what they wanted from their politicians.

Director of Arthritis Care Scotland, Angela Donaldson-Bruce said, “Too often seen as a condition of old age, arthritis in fact impacts on all ages, from children and young people to the working age population and older people. Our manifesto represents all of those people.

“As the number of people with arthritis doubles over the coming years, this is a voice that simply cannot be ignored. Raising awareness of the lived experience of arthritis is the starting point for the main steps that our politicians need to take.”

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