These PowerPoint presentations were created by the Support in the Right Direction (SIRD) Project and Scottish Borders Council to be used as an e-learning module for social work staff.
Anyone who is interested in learning more about SDS legislation, its aims and its practice should hopefully find the information helpful.
It is hoped that it will be useful to third sector organisations, providers of social care and anyone working with people using social care in the Borders.

What is SDS?

About SDS legislation including values, principles, and duties and implementation


What outcomes are and how they should be used in support planning

SDS Standards

SDS Standards for social work staff

The 4 Options

The 4 SDS options that are available

Option 1

How Option1 (Direct Payment) works


Support available from Encompass in relation to Option 1

Option 2

How Option 2 works

Support in the Right Direction

Description of the SIRD project work on pre-assessment and the SDS Forum

For more information, contact Encompass on 01896 759700 or email