Involving you to improve
health and social care

Our aims

Aim 1: A strong voice for users and carers of health and social care services in the Scottish Borders.
We support and enable users and carers accessing adult health and social care services to have a voice and influence service planning and delivery in the Scottish Borders.

Aim 2: A strong third health and social care sector in the Scottish Borders
We support third sector health and social care organisations to develop and work together, raising and progressing common issues as one voice. The third care sector is facilitated to better share resources and best practice. We work in partnership to develop and establish new services where needs are identified.

Aim 3: Health and social care services in the Scottish Borders are involved and informed in strategic direction.
We represent third sector health and social care organisations in community planning and facilitate partnership and information sharing forums to support joint working across all sectors.

Aim 4: A strong and effective Borders Care Voice.
We are a robust and sustainable organisation with good governance and engagement from its membership.

 Working with the sector

We represent the health and social care third sector on a number of joint health and social care groups including:

  • Integrated Joint Board
  • Strategic Planning Group
  • Self-Directed Support Project Board
  • Physical Disability Strategy Group
  • Community Led Support Project Board

Working with users and carers

We host a number of working groups, which aim to give service users and carers a voice in the planning and delivery of health and social care services. Guest speakers are invited along to update the groups and consult on new ideas and projects. Find out more about our user groups here.

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