Image of Loki

BBC Scotland is planning a new series, which will be fronted by Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey, a writer, performer and passionate community activist who grew up on a housing scheme in Glasgow.

The production team is looking to work with communities around Scotland that face challenges associated with poverty and are often misrepresented or not represented at all, despite being a prominent part of the locality.

In the programme, Darren will meet households in the area as well as third sector organisations to learn about the challenges they face but also the culture and the lifestyle in the area.

One episode will see Darren visit communities in the Scottish Borders and look at the issue associated with poverty such as mental health, isolation and fuel poverty.

Darren would love to meet with organisations trying to tackle these issues but also wants to meet people who are in most need of them. Any individuals or relevant organisations that would like to know more or be involved can contact the production team on 0141 241 6075 or e-mail



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