Figure 8 Consultancy Services conducted an evaluation late last year of Borders Voluntary Care Voice and Borders Care Learning Network.

The aims were to:

  • measure success against the objectives and outcomes identified by BVCV’s vision and business plan in order to demonstrate effectiveness, particularly to funders.
  • identify areas of development needed to increase membership and further engage existing members in meaningful way.

Overall, the views expressed were overwhelmingly positive about the work and leadership of BVCV as a membership organisation in the Scottish Borders. The evaluation team was particularly impressed by the resilience of the organisation over many years to have grown, developed and established itself with an excellent reputation across a broad range of stakeholders – despite facing several significant organisational challenges along the way.

It also identified clear potential for the organisation to expand its role and remit to provide a stronger voice, not just for service users and carers, but also for and on behalf of the third sector in the Borders.

We are currently planning how to implement the recommendations in the report. The Executive Summary can be downloaded from our website.



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