Borders Care Voice Learning Network is delivering training on Improving Mental Health and Preventing Suicide in the Scottish Borders from April 2021. We have been commissioned by the Joint Health Improvement Team, who developed the training, to offer these sessions over the course of this year.

This Informed Level training is the foundation level of the Knowledge and Skills Framework for mental health improvement and prevention of self-harm and suicide prevention, which was co-produced by NHS Health Scotland and NHS Education for Scotland.

Each course will be delivered over 2x 90-minute sessions, one week apart, on Microsoft Teams. Dates, times and booking information will be published in our e-news and training updates, as well as social media channels.

The training is for staff and volunteers in health and social care settings and beyond. It aims to help them develop their abilities in recognising and responding to people who they come into contact with who may be in distress and require additional support. It will cover:

  • Mental health and how to maintain this, plus the factors that can lead to mental distress or mental ill-health
  • Having compassionate conversations to support people who are experiencing mental distress or may be feeling suicidal and help them to seek help
  • Suicide prevention.

The Informed level of the framework highlights the baseline essential knowledge and skills required by all staff working in health and social care to contribute to mental health improvement and the prevention of self-harm and suicide. It also encapsulates most of the wider public health workforce who need to be informed about mental health and be able to respond to someone who is experiencing distress, or mental ill-health, and who might be at risk of self-harm or suicide.



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