People expect more choice and control over the things that will make a difference to their lives. With so much information available online, it can be difficult to know what information can be trusted.

AskSARA is an award-winning online self-help guide and shop that provides trusted, expert advice and information on products and equipment.

It has been developed with Scottish Borders Health and Social Care Partnership and is the first version of AskSARA in Scotland.

There is no need to register or provide personal contact details in order to get the advice you need.

By completing a brief online questionnaire about yourself and your environment you’ll receive an instant, free personalised report. It will provide clear, tailored advice from occupational therapists and equipment experts on ways to help with your daily activities.

The report can then be shared with family, friend, supporting organisations and care workers.

In more complex circumstances, AskSARA will suggest you seek support from your local occupational therapist team so that you get the right professional advice you need.

AskSARA links straight through to the Disabled Living Foundation’s website “Living made easy”.

This gives access to over 10,000 daily living products from more than 1,000 trusted suppliers, allowing you to decide which one to contact.

AskSARA also explains issues such as getting funding and assistance to purchase equipment and home adaptations.

The website will be launched in December 2019 and can be found by searching for ‘asksara’ on the website.



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