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As part of The Scottish Strategy for AutismAutism Network Scotland and ARC Scotland have been funded to run a learning event for parents and carers of a young person making the transition from children to adult services.

The event will run  twice in the same day, on 16th February, at the CPD Centre, Marigold Drive, Langlee, Galashiels, from 10am-1pm or 6pm – 9pm.

This free event will involve presentations and interactive workshops, helping to answer some  questions in relation to transitions and autism:

  • What is a transition?
  • What is the role as a parent or carer in the transition?
  • What does a good transition look like?
  • What are your rights during the process?
  • What is some of the key legislation in relation to transitions? 
  • Why does autism affect a transition?
  • How can you support a young person with autism to achieve a positive transition?

To book a place, e-mail or call Lynsey on 0141 444 8145.

The presentation will use the Principles of Good Transitions 2 and the Exploring Transitions: Digging Deeper report.

There will also be a session for practitioners supporting a young person with autism through transition on 23rd June. 



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