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The Borders Carers Centre offers a range of free workshops for unpaid carers.

All workshops take place at the Carers Centre, Brewerybrig, Low Buckholmside in Galashiels,  from 9.30am-12.30pm.

Managing Guilt – 15th March
A look at what is meant by guilt, how it can develop and the effect it can have, as well as tips for letting go of guilty feelings.

Colour me Confident – 12th April 
Caring for someone can mean that you very often put yourself at the ‘bottom of the pile’ when it comes to taking care of your own appearance. But, by understanding how to use colour, you can really brighten your wardrobe, and lift your mood.  Stylist Veronica Burke will give some useful tips to help you build your confidence on a budget.

Coping with Anger – 17th May
Everyone gets angry from time to time and, sometimes it can be hard to cope with our anger. This workshop will help you identify the things (including people) that make you angry, look at how you can respond in a non-aggressive way before losing your temper and learn skills for handling your anger triggers.

Power of Attorney (POA)/Guardianship – 9th June
This session is presented by the Mental Health Welfare Commission and aims to guide you through the confusing, yet vitally important, legal world of POA and Guardianship.

Building Confidence & Assertiveness – 19th July 
The course will explore what confidence and assertiveness is, and what it is not. We will discuss what makes confidence and how it can be lost. Recognise and value your positive features and strengthen your self-esteem. Discover simple methods to help you build your confidence so that you know how to cope with the situations carers may face.

Coping with Feelings of Loss & Change – 20th September
When caring for someone, feelings of loss and change can be overwhelming. We will look at how this can affect behaviour and relationships and give an insight into specific coping support strategies.  It is also hoped that it will help carers to increase self-awareness of their own needs when caring for someone.

Recharging your Batteries – Corrective Breath Training – 20th October
Breathing correctly can significantly improve your health and wellbeing. Most people take breathing for granted and don’t benefit from the full potential of their lungs. The accumulation of the normal stresses and fears of life restricts the correct natural breathing pattern. This introductory session will start to teach you to re-learn the practice and benefit immediately.
Please note: there is a £5 charge for this workshop.

Stress and Anxiety – 15th November
A look at what is meant by stress and anxiety, how it makes us feel and looking at coping mechanisms to help.

Floral Wreath Making – 25th November
Creating a fabulous floral wreath for your door is a great way to relax your mind and focus your creative concentration on something other than caring. Join together for an informal, fun session, where you create something wonderful to take home too. There may be a small charge to cover the cost of flowers.

Book in for any or all of the workshops on the Carers Centre website.



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