A programme of workshops and information sessions on Self-directed Support (SDS) is being delivered throughout the Borders, beginning on 12th May (see full list of training dates).

You can also download a ‘Training Matrix’

The course overview details below will also help you decide which level of course you should attend:

  • Level 1 – These workshops are suited to people who have not attended previous workshops on self directed support, or as a refresher. This half day will give an introduction to the principles of SDS and the new duties and expectations and help with an understanding of your role in this. Level 1 is a good introduction to the Level 2 full day session and is recommended.
  • Level 2 – This level of training is mandatory for all social care and health assessing staff and their managers and is strongly recommended for Scottish Borders Council, NHS and third sector managers to help in their understanding and competence in the delivery of the Act.
  • Level 3 – Dates have still to be set but are due to begin in the Autumn.

Contact the Training Team at Scottish Borders Council for more information.



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